Just not right….
ppl do do stupid things in love to protect themselves…
why there are so many things/thoughts going on right now? SILVIA, pls go back to the origin, pls keep the beginner’s spirit, pls dont let the tiny/ meaningless thing that get u off the track, dont wanna deal with love, pls dont, i am not equipped enough to handle the thing called love!!  i am doing just fine, by myself, just go away from my comfort zone….
yes, u are a coward. if that’s the thing u release to the universe, then u shall expect nothing but recieving it!
y ppl cant just living by themselves, y they need to fall for sb, what on earth they need to find another person to complete THEM? is life hard because u are young and stupid?or…
leon said to martilda, ALWAYS..
WHAT have i done wrong to deserve this? can it be just simple? or coz i am too old and have too many doubts?
you dont even know how he felt about you? why hiding, why doubting? why pretending u dont care?
that’s me for the past 20 or so years, how would i be not hiding, not doubting,not pretending? there is something called self-presevation. the worst nightmare happens, finally, when LOVE kicks in, i suddenly dont make sense>>>>
honey,just think about those happy things, take it easy, kill the emotion before it’s time, i give u what u wanna experience,it seems to me u cant handle,even in the very beginning of it? how would i be so cruel to see u dying out, LOVE is not your thing, LOVE IS NOT UR THING! just go back to where u from, forget him, before it’s too late, before it’s still under my control…poor thing…
i am just writing this to my friend…
smart girl, that’s right, ppl in love do do stupid things..
so that’s not my prob,that’s others, coz i dont love…
but why nothing can cheer me up, why not even dreamland?
that’s when ppl love,they lose part of themselves, and gradutelly, it dies away…..feel cold, right?
umm..how do u know?
…….just keep affirming with yourself, u dont love, dont love,no love=no hurt..


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