Last day of Fashion Weekend

Had a long & ‘intense’ chat with a fren online tonite~~

So the result being me not really done that much study for tmr’s test~~

BUT  somehow I know I can handle that one easily, so jsut procrastinated the whole time~~

o~yer, so before i go to bed tonite, i have to achieve at least something I promised to do,

and dear blog, u always just seem so welcoming~~

So here I am~~~

Updating fotos from my iphoto~~

◤ ◥◆◇◣◢◥▲▼△▽⊿◤ ◥◆◇◣◢◥▲▼△▽⊿◤ ◥

16th May, a Sunday, the last day of 2010 Sydney Fashion Weekend~


too tired i dont wanna type all da details~so just photos~

love this ring!!! a little turtle on it :)nie hahah ,cutie~~

Me and Scrlt were having fun with the photographers~~


And after that, me, qian and karen went to eat~~

like we 3 gals finished 7 dishes and 3 ice creams~~

That’s called Real hunger and being real women who eat!!!!~~-____-”’

Have to say the foods r really good,not coz we were hungry though, the really good GOOD 🙂

So group foto time~~~ <3<3<3

Kathy, Qian, ME and Karen~~

I didnt buy anything, simply coz I dont like shopping when it is like a battle, like u have to fight for the items u want~~

I believe shopping should always come with style and elegance~definitely NO RUSH~~

Especially so MANY people at the same, just make the whole thing look and feel like a market or sth~~

NOT my style~~

So that day, it was just me being a window shopper~~~

HOHOHO, and also, a note recieved from my dearest Qian, to myself and to my fellow shopoholics, to motivate all of us not practice the impulse shopping:




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