An unquiet night

Yes, we all want BIG in our life~

BUT exactly how big it is?


I thought I’d have a relaxing and quiet evening, after I handed in all those assignments, after that big K on Saturday nite, after two days of working at a mall far far away, geeeeee, I thought I could finally have an easy night, like the ones I used to have, got in bed before 11 and enjoyed my beauty sleep.

NOOOOO, geeeeees…

How do I ‘ruin’ my night, let me count the ways:


I am so glad you added me on MSN~

I am so glad we can chat those random things on MSN and not feeling awkward about it,

like we have known each other for a while, or at least to me, you are.

Coz I’ve been stalking you on facebook/blog/formspring for a while and I got so inspired by YOU and your writing, I even wrote about you in my blog sometimes.

I am just so very grateful that I ‘personally’ know someone who’s so inspired and motivated and expressive at the same time, like love sharing your thoughts on all that things.

FRom your writing and answers, I can tell you are someone who is blessed with talents, but at the same time very humble and with a heart full of love & gratitude. It’s just so lovely to know someone who LOVES reading, LOVES Chinese history, LOVES life in a general and all.

We should get to know each other better if we have chance.

And I should definitely read more BOOKS than BLOGS to improve my overall Expressive Ability. Geeee, hate that when I can’t use words to capture my feelings. Like you know there is this word or phrase to perfectly support/ summarise your argument, but somehow you havent met it so you just can’t say it. Like right now, I’m sure most of the people are lost about what exactly I wanna say, coz I’m short of vocabulary.

“Vocabulary enables us to interpret and to express. If you have a limited vocabulary, you will also have a limited vision and a limited future.”

—–Jim Rohn



It’s just so funny how people bumped into each other’s life. And all the great stories just start from that.

Facebook is an interesting place.

But yer, you were asking me about why I havent answered that 2 questions? well, the reason being that  in order to answer those two questions, I need to really sit down and THINK, like I feel like these are some essay questions and I better not to screw up.

By saying that, it doesn’t mean I can give excellent answers, it just means I will try my best with what I’ve got. xD


I had this INTENSE and NEVER-ENDING debate with my dear fellow HBker.

Well, we didn’t really reach anywhere after days and days of chatting online, but I kinda got into a conclusion that you are totally ‘fcked  up’.


But well, like what I said, as long as you are still alive and can hold a sword in your hand,

you can FIGHT!

And as much as you’re so fcked up, I still LOVE you like no other.

I was born with invisible wings, but you draw them up on your wall and make me see them the FIRST time in my entire life.

They are so beautiful and thank you and I LOVE YOU~

This is indeed a NEMO NISI MORS vow and u go and print that contract out and we should sign it!!!

So I know you can’t fck up with me~~hehe..

Thanks for da beautiful music as well,

it reminds me of Legend of 1900.

When 1900 saw that beautiful French girl and he played the LOVE~~

I have to let you borrow the DVD, one of my movies~~ hehe

and he’s a gifted emo as well~

AND thank you for calling me a CLASSIC~~


I’m trying ^_________^

So, like I told you last night, I can visualise how GREAT you can be and simply because you are awesome already to discover ME~

*An encouraging pat on your shoulder*

and you start to show your awesomeness through your drawing and all~

*Another encouraging pat on your shoulder*

So with some right tools (you need to start READING BOOKS, srsly) and some right frenz,

you will be getting there in no time~

But first of all, (that reminds to go and look for that DVD) you need to change your mindset first.

Hence, I’m gonna bring you a little SECRET tonight~


Geeee, glad I can still come back and finish the counting~~ -_______-!!!

mmmm, coz 小阿姨called me non-stop;

and coz I caught a cold and had to blow my nose non-stop~~


I’m gonna start to read some books~~~

OOPS, I MEANT ‘Oh yer’~~


7 thoughts on “An unquiet night

  1. omg, so true about expression of feelings is limited by your vocabulary, no wonder i can never express my feelings in words. But you always find the words for me ^^

    I’m HURT!! how could you say i am one of three reasons i ruined your night! *sniff* =P
    lol but knowing you’d ruin your night for any one of your close friends =] *hugs*

    argh.. theres three things i need to do when i get home today.. one was checking out ur panda, which u showed me already, two was to check out that seagull pic, which i bet has some weird and wonderful meaning to it. and thirdly see this 1900 video!!

    well you are classy hence when i’m with you, brings me back down to earth as a normal person, and think about things more carefully. BUT i do get intimidated by you! because i have to be classy too when im around you >< dont worry, its not me faking, its me always trying to blend in with the people around me. Its just showing a side of me which i dont show or feel quiet often so you should be proud of me.

    And no i'm not fucked up! before last night i would think so. But after last night/this morning, NO. I've already got back onto the yellow brick road, and i know where im going. agian like i said my vocab is limited so maybe my expression of feelings cannot be expressed correctly in words, but i'm pretty sure i know where im going. Right now when there is no distractions, i'm going to plough through and move as far forward as i can before the distractions come back into my life, which by then will not be distractions and will be just an addition to my life which i will cherish, and love, and in turn help me through possible bumps through life =D

    so this is where i stand now, thanks to you =]

    • I usually *ruin* my night for good reasons.

      The ‘classy’ is invisible to most of the people out there; but only those who have the same blood and soul can see it.

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