The End of A Journey





上個禮拜我終於意識到,在我fb上寫下over you的第二天,你把我從你的名單上划去。就像我曾經任性地把你block掉一樣。


That day to me really marks the END of our journey~ 84 days after I broke up with you,we finally drop the past and leave each other’s life completely, well, not really ‘completely’ completely, just I thought I am ‘periodically’ over you. You are in with me for the rest of my life and that is something I can’t argue or deny.

Somehow I just realised how lucky I’m , to have those precious memories with you, had so many ‘first’ with one person; and yet, there’re so many things we didn’t have a chance to do, like I always wanna travel with you, just two of us. I’m so grateful that I didn’t rush and actually wait till it happened, I had doubts and even thought of just getting it done and then it’ll be over. I was kind of immature back then, and lol, but then I thought to myself, I’ve been pursuing uniqueness all my life, why would I wanna it to be done any less special? And I believe one have always do it with someone you actually love, otherwise I don’t even think it will be anything with someone you don’t love.

That three months were as painful as I could ever imagined~ but now I suddenly realised I’m gradually over you~ it’s anything but easy, so for now I just wanna let you know this, I’m so grateful for being with you, thank u for loving someone like me, thank u for always being so patient with me, thx for all the love and care and frustrations, obvious I enjoyed those moments when u dont know wat to do with me, hehe~ I just wanna assure u that u r worth all the waiting, I’m forever grateful to wait 23 yrs (not deliberately thou) and had you as my first love, I couldn’t imagine doing that with anyone else but you~ for some reason, we can’t make it a forever. Thx for that first kiss, and how I wanted it to be my last first kiss!!

尋夢的路不是直的,天使不會自動停在夢想家的身邊。飛不起來的時候,我就用走的。不管走不走得到目的地,旅程本身,就是天堂。這 一段結束的旅程,才是曾經如此接近夢想的應證。

It’s like a mutual agreement, and like the way we’ve been discussed before.Like I told you I would never be friends with ex that time, and you were like:

“ohhh, shoot, then we can’t never break up; otherwise, u will be just disappear like that.”

And I was like “damn right, I will.”Now I don’t feel sad when I think about you and I don’t feel jealous knowing you might be with some other girl eventually~~

But…as much as I should be happy about this, there’s sth I just dont get it….

I mean is that it? That love in the movie doesn’t exist in life?
I finally understand when they say, u cry coz u will never be able to do it ! That is so sad, I was sad of losing you as part of me, but now I’m upset about the whole idea that I’ll or all of us will eventually fall out of love~ how we ever gonna believe that ‘ever thine ever mine ever ours’ commitment?



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