SATC 2-Ever Ours

Yes!!!! There I was AGAIN~

Same Verona, Same movie, only this time with four of us sitting together~

Friday nite, second time for me and Steff, but wat can we say, it was ABSO-FCKING-AWESOME!!!!

We were very exciting~ giggling all the way to the end~Weiyi the Carrie dressed up exactly the way Carrie would do~ and while waiting to get the tickets, Steff told us this cute hotdog boy story xD, u go Weiyi!!!

I was so happy to watch it again with da ‘girls’, that is the way this movie should be watched, FOUR is just a perfect number!

I still so deeply touched the second time when I watched that conversation between Gaurau and Carrie. Gaurau works in Abu Dhabi, but his wife lives in India,and he has to save up to travel back and forth to see her every three months. When Carrie asks him was it hard to be married but living apart, he says:

“Time doesn’t matter. Everytime we see each other,it is wonderful”.

Yes, every relationship is different, there’re so many different kinds of them out there~Time really doesn’t matter in some cases, some couple live together yet are so far away from each other. And how I realised I was deeply attached to my ex even when we saw each other averagely 2 days a week. Most of the time, the ‘miss’ part is really good, it allows two cherish more when they spend time together and whatever they do or dont do, strengthen the love. It’s about the quality, if the time is an issue. That also explains the thing how everyone couple should make their own rules.

Carrie and Big-

After so many years, they look even more sweet together~

She’s always the KID.

'You and me, only us two.'

Charlotte-the Princess Perfect

There is nothing more amusing and touching to see a woman grows and blossoms.

Samantha- my all time fav ❤
She always gives us the best laugh~

She loves her ex, but she loves herself and sex more.

That’s why she let him go,so that she can be honest to herself.

This short and hilarious convo between them in the movie explains everything and we four were like laughing
with an 'omfg, this is sooo Samantha' expression~
 Remind me how did we meet?

 You used to be my publicist.
 That doesn't ring a bell~

 You used to do me.

 Ding~ ding~ ding!

Miranda- love her in this dress!!

The most beautiful thing is to see all da girls together~

Samantha reminds the girls in the movie,
"We made a deal ages ago, men, babies doesn't matter, we're soul mates."

I am so lucky to have my girls, those who are dear to my heart and always there ready to give you strength and love, make you feel needed, bring you warmth and make you smile.

Some like Charlotte,so sweet and innocent, u almost want a bite of her, when you almost believe that there is real princess living perfectly

in this world, she will just remind you that there’ll be disappointments behind everything,yet,there’ll always be a way to achieve the perfection.

Some like Miranda, always so logical and calculate all the details, the gain the lost, give you a big slap if you are being too optimistic

about everything.

Some like Samantha, believe you are invincible! She sees it before you even believe you can do it. And you can always see an encouraging smile from her everytime you are down.

Without them, how am I going to get through all these and become this person I am today.

The sip~ This one makes Charlotte the real Charlotte 🙂

“I cant lose the nanny!!”

“I dont know~ I dont know~ I dont know!!… I am drunk”

My fav dress in da movie, da purple Dior<3


A few more quotes from the movie, as I can recall~~

Carrie:You are wearing white!

A: Just like a virgin.

A: He's only allowed to cheat in other states where we are not

legally married.

Carrie: that’s tradition, it sneaks in~~~

After the movie, we four went handing in hand down the exuberant oxford st

and hunting for food~

OMG, I LOVE OXFORD ST~~~~~^______________^

We had a beautiful dinner at this cozy and romantic Thai restaurant around the corner.

I was half drunk already~~~~Too much red wine and too much laughter~~~~~

Yep, drunken me with my darlings~~~ ❤

Thanks Qian again, for letting me stay at ur place~ MWAH~

Can’t imagine me like that and walking to catch a train home, I could BARELY walk to

your place that night:)

Let's just wish every woman has a big in her life:)

Bad boy, YES, but he will eventually grow and realise and come to hold your hand
 and tell you: you are the one~ 



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