I know I am anything but heartless.

But 10 mins ago, I tore them in shreds and threw them away just like one, deep down, I dont feel a thing anymore.

OK. Honestly, even though I know the feeling will come back and forth for a while, but it’ll eventually fade away~~~Coz as I told qian just then, I need to be needed. I m ok with someone who doesnt ❤ me at all, just defenitely not ok with someone who doesnt ❤ me enough, like not that into me, not 100% sure about this. If that’s the case, then, off I gooooo…

So honey, I dont know how u guys cope it? OMG, how they love being tortured, tore apart, heart broken and then get back all over again?

Everything should be upfront. Poor babe~~ Well, as long as that’s what she wants.

But is it all about struggling then? 🙂 If so, do excuse me on not joining the game.  Watching the gaming is thrilling enough. Hoho, now you call me everyday, bring me dramas everytime~ Sometimes you are crying like a baby, sometimes you are talking about the future with him. -___________-”’ If I know you behave like this when u in love, I wouldnt encourage you to pursue it in the first place~~xP

I thought I was a drama queen already, and then I look at you, oh, shame on me~~LOL

Now, it’s double, no, triple trauma, u and him…and me……

I start to realise, it’s not that someone is wrong or right, it’s just someone~ u know, not THE one, so sadly, there might be a lot of someones, but no THE one, maybe you’ve missed it for this life~ so good luck next one lor~~

Today is friday~~ yay~~ i hate cold~~ I dont wanna go clubbin, but if you want, I’ll come. mmm, havent been out ‘clubbin’ with you for like…gosh… cant even rmb how long~ even thou I barely drink, and barely do anything, hehe, but my presence will just make you happy. And that’s the only thing I can do now~ So if tmr… I will go with you~



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