none of these make sense…aiii

WHY? why I still have 4000-word essay due? and why the hell I cant stop thinking about him?

為甚麼,為甚麼,為甚麼?FUCK this is driving me NUTS!!

I’m afraid of you. I ‘m afraid of how much I like you and the ways in which I think I like you and how NONE of these make sense.



“I gave up, not because I found someone else or because I fell out of love, its cause I’m tired of the disappointment, of misreading the signals, of the feelings that rage through my mind and heart whenever I’m thinking of that person. The truth is, even if I am over “that” person, there’s still a part of me that’s waiting, hoping, wishing. I’m scared it’ll never go away.”

THIS explains me perfectly at this moment!


I thought of you again today. Its hard to break the habit, you know? Its cause not once have I stopped thinking about you.

You’re always there, deep in my mind, locked behind a door of old wishes, childhood injuries, luckless romances and shattered dreams. You were my biggest dream. NOW.

I mean, its just your smile, the sparkle in your eyes, your voice, everything. I miss everything about you. I miss what we had, what we could have been, what we would’ve been if we both just tried a little harder. Or didnt try this hard.

Now, please come back and whatever shall happen, I need to get over you and done with it.



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