The end of 2010=wedding photos

開心上越來越多的婚禮照,天哪,人妻越來越多了,意味著marriable men越來越少。。。

but…what do I worry about ‘marriable men’ ?  One step at a time -_________-”’.

Yet still, so ‘merry’ to see you guys taking a huge step to the next level, CONGRATS!

People do change. Amanda might get used to my always changing minds. I rmb my saying the never get married stuff… but now I think I would love to get marry some day and wouldnt mind having babies..:) but i’m 99% sure I wanna go caesarean, but, would i fancy a scar on my lower belly? hmmm… but i definitely dont wanna go through all da labouring drama… hmmm…

The idea of getting marry to me is about two grown-ups want to take the commitment for the lifetime, once sign the paper, then it’s ’till death do us apart’. Those 5 words r the romance of all.  2 completely non-blood related strangers become family, and family should be for life.

I dont know, maybe it’s natural that at certain age, you will start to realise that something is just inevidable. All I wish is I will get marry one day  for LOVE but nothing else. HOHO, u just wont be able to imagine how lucky to have me…miehahahahaha

I dont wanna big wedding, just small and special with all the closest frenz and family members. I dont even mind having no wedding banquet, there’s nothing to show off, it’s just you and me. ❤

hehe, but if I couldnt meet anyone that special, then, no marriage is fine with me… >.<


2 thoughts on “The end of 2010=wedding photos

  1. yeh marriage might seem like its just ‘me and you’, but i realized its not so easy….

    its also the merging of two families, and the joining of two social bubbles. either the bubble gets bigger or they explode….

    having to go thru all that is just pain…T_____T

    marriage is only awesome when there’s an awesome balance

    • I know, u not just marry the guy, instead u marry the whole family~ aii… hehe, im pretty sure 你会比我早嫁,到时我来向你取经。哈哈。


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