xoxo. Gossip Girl~



OMG,我们一路从the Rocks走到Opera House,走过Guylian the Rocks,走过MCA,走过Louis Vuitton,走过Wharf,走过Dendy,走过Opera Bar,又走进Guylian Circular Quay,一路走那个一路聊.其实就算我们一直很少见面不常联系. But I know we kind stalk each other, even thou you enjoy misterify urself and leave us fans no clue to analyse you~但古人讲的君子之交淡如水就是这种吧. 不过我们的这种非但不是淡如水,还甜过蜜.

我喜欢这种很多话不用讲,彼此就可以感觉到的了解.There’s abosultely no need to constantly justify myself, nor do I have the urge to, coz I know, you just know. And so do I. This Kind of reflection or recognition or watever re-, (好吧,中文应该是洞察,或心有灵犀), is so rare and precious. And it feels sooooooo great. 很感恩有这样的闺蜜, 也很感动,coz I really see a lot of myself in you, the slightly younger version of me. But Me.

And what can we say, there’re just so many things we can talk about, and update with each other. OMG, so many giggles and laughs. 好久好久好久好久没有这样抅着bestie的手,一直走一直聊, it does amaze me sometimes that it feels like we’ve known each other like forever~

We talked about everything and everyone, and I was too carried away that I leaked out sth I should’ve said… It was totally irrelevant while I was trying to make my point, I guess that was the only awkward moment last nite~~~oops~~sorry, I lost my cool~~lol~~

And when you told me about ur boy, ohhh, BOY, how happy was I , like, totally, H.A.P.P.Y~~OMG, always love to see my loved ones in love. 他是你现阶段生命里的天使.you know how they put it, coz you absolutely deserve him. 他对你的好,让我真替你开心. You’ve been through all those bad times, like you’ve seen them all~but right now, i know u dont care about the cliches, but just be grateful of what you’ve got so far, enjoy the moment, living and creating those happy/positive memories that will remind you how you are able to love and be loved.

As for me, I’m like oooolala~~I have a new crush~ It feels great to admit it, since u know, I assume..that everyone….and let’s just call him Mr. Big~LOL. I now have a lot of little butterflies growing in my stomach, everytime when i see him, and everytime when I think about him~feels like a silly little girl~~that feeling is somehow torturing but sweet…but, let’s just keep it low-key and go with the flow~~

and Misty,we gonna do this more often, when you are free, and remember that once-in-a-lifetime photoshooting extravaganza~~

OMG, and you can carry me,抱着我with my heavy bag然后转一圈, you are pure awesomeness~~~

HOT Misty v.s. HOT chocolate

I love Opera Bar~~even thou they had a real bad DJ last nite, 但坐在海边吹海风,看着人群中摇曳生姿的男男女女,或者看着对岸的璀璨夜景…情调阿情调~~

someone who looks like a pro photographer took a rather werido photo of us~~-________-”’

Why am I leaning towards you? lol, we feels like so not ready last nite, all the attempts just didnt capture our chemistry and glamous 😦 But we will have a lot opportunities later =D

And my little Manhattan in Sydney, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


昨晚结束了4个小时的gossip回到家已经快12点了,没想到网上还有一堆人等着继续和我八.昨晚也太high了点吧!! 王道一上线就问我近况,我二话不说立马截图给她看照片,这是我们家传统,所谓有图有真相. 我问王道说像不像,anyways,每一次王道都叫我加油,唉呀呀,I will just be me, but yes, 我会让喜欢变得更明显一点, how can I disappoint you? XD


昨晚,真是各种八卦, 对了,中午还见了Ying, 八了她婚姻大事一卦… I was like a living gossip girl yesterday, literally~~

最后临睡前,scrlt也知道了,从此FB上他多了一个stalker;然后神棍也知道了.其实我们都一样,都算是在喜欢的人面前不善言表.而我更甚,这个不理不睬,把对方当空气.然后他一转身消失,我又急忙在人群里找他踪影. TMD,真贱!

As for the last but not least big gossip, I cant reveal too mcuh here, but I’m sure it’s about love, and about one of my besties and a real nice guy. Just wish u all the best, sincerely,coz I’m actually on your side!!

xoxo, S ❤


One thought on “xoxo. Gossip Girl~

  1. 1. yea i like. DIED @ the fact you would honour me with a blog post. Srsly it’s like when you say I remind me of you. *collapsing. followed by soul explosion*

    2. Muwahhah ‘Gossip Girls’ avec Old English Text font! Silvia defines true gelivability.
    哎你看那张照片上的弹Bohemian guitar的old man…我铐。只有你才能发挥出这种artsy shot.
    Same with so many photos in your post….when I’m looking through them I’m like “What?! I don’t remember seeing this!” lmao. You just make everything magical. You’re fucking Tinkerbell or something -__- The ability to notice beauty. I guess what’s what happens when one herself possesses truckloads of it aye. ;)~~

    3. ‘心有灵犀.’absofuckinglutely. 感动。同感。心暖。俺会永远疼你迪。看着吧。*fists pump*!

    4. I think you can officially say you work your 白白 with undoubted MASTERY now! WOWWW the photos came out so saweeeet! O_________O I should have KNOWN you were being typical Silvie-low-key-pretense modest!!! -___- you totally knew what you were doing. *sigh* Perfect lighting, more perfect composition and shot choices…ur a bloody natural. You and your camera shall have a beautiful life together XDDD~~~~ earning lots of envious eyes and people inquiring about it on the street like yesterday mwuahahah~~

    5. I feel so privileged to be on your Thumbs Up list of people you wish happiness for (*giggles at the people on the 躺在马路上也不会理 list) *^_________^*!!! Your understanding and blessings are worth anyone to die for. 我咋找到你的。。。srsly.

    6. OMGOMGOMGOMG YES. Your Carrie/Big story. Queen S. EXACTLY. I think this guy can HANDLE the Queen Bee. Can handle her stinging, her emo dark moments. Her beauty and her glory. He can make you feel like a little girl, instead of the reigning all-powerful Queen B everyone sees you as, y’know? That’s so important for you, I’ve always thought. I couldn’t be more happy that (I fucking know) SOON you shall metamorphose from feeling butterflies growling in your stomach into BEING /his/ little butterfly~~ 祝福你,鲜艳的蝴蝶女王!

    7. “OMG, and you can carry me,抱着我with my heavy bag然后转一圈“
    ROFL!! omg you weigh the same as a Coles plastic bag, I swear….I exert more energy when carrying a Sushi bentou 便当 -__-

    8. ahh looking at the Opera House bar reminds me. I feel intensely priviledged (干他娘。。。我总是感觉荣幸LOL。全因为你啊 *败服)you’d share your intimate memories with me, trust me enough to tell me. ___ 我向Marc Jacobs宣誓,要永远守护Queen S~!!

    9. lmao our photo -_______- Yep. Failed foreplay photoshoot indeed. But we shall make the actual intercourse photoshoot explosive, for sho.

    10. Woahhh fabulous mini Manhattan!~!~!~~~~~~ really does look like “电影中的某个场景”. I’m expecting Meg Ryan or Audrey Hepburn to walk out of there or somethin’~~~



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