当初有个人说我presentation有问题我心里想presen你个头tation。 但内心的内心其实还是很赞同这个说法,毕竟本质和表象有时是相反的, for self-preservation purpose。

但其实这两年来发现自己的抬杠爱好渐渐走向极端,常常反驳完就骂自己嘴好贱~ 恩,要改得更平易近人才好啊~~~~~~



Do you still remember the first time? Do you still feel that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing someone special for the first time and you know sth is going to happen between you two? Either a great friendship or a loving relationship?

How can you ever forget things like that?

And how can you guarantee that the feeling will never die out? Or at least you keep having similar feelings towards someone new you’ve met? Pretty amazing huh?



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